Relax in Halkidiki: Thermal Springs

Halkidiki has one of the natural healing thermal springs inGreece. For centuries now, healing waters have risen from deep within the earth, rich in healing properties that soothe pain. These rare healing qualities, are formed by a unique combination of chemical elements in their warm waters.

If you want to experience a day in thermal springs you can visit the Village of Agia Paraskevi. Just 5km south of Agia Paraskevi and right on the coast is the village of Loutra. The village takes its name from the local healing springs (Loutra = Spa), famed for their exceptional therapeutic properties. It is set in a uniquely beautiful landscape of sand, rocks, pine-trees and crystal-clear sea. All around the majestic beauty of the landscape with the caves winding through the mountains and the pine-trees growing down to the water's edge - a picture of unparalleled natural harmony.
Take advantage of the benefits of the termal water, while you enjoy the beautiful and relaxing environment.

Extra tip: Did you know that thermal water is said to possess an alleviating effect on diverse medical ailments in affected parts like, among others, bones, joints, muscles and skin?

The Agia Paraskevi/Loutra-area is the perfect choice for visitors which focus on their vacation on beautiful, natural finished landscapes, tranquility, harmony, revival and the chance to enjoy real good food while watching a sensationally sunset on a fantastic beach. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it!