Summer Festivals in Halkidiki 2017

Tired of your daily summer routine of going to the beach or swimming at our pool?
Want to feel the action, live an adventure, see some people, go on an excursion?
No worries, here are more reason to visit Halkidiki this summer. Let’s name a few in chronological order:

N. Moudania, Sardine Festival
Season: 2nd week of July
Cultural events for 6 days. It ends up on Sunday with the sardine festival, where there is a free roasted sardines give-away with white wine. Celebrations meet the morning light.

Olynthos, Olive Festival
Period: Last three days of July
The last day is a concert and distribution of tsipouro and olives free of charge.

Sani, Sani Festival
Period: July - August
An old tradition of Art, painting and jazz music festivals at Sani Hill.  It is a verdant cape at the top of Sani Hill, which dominates the Tower of Sani, a medieval observatory between the 14th and 15th century. The rest of the festive events take place at the Sani Art Gallery, an elegant area at San Marino's shopping center. This year, the Sani Festival takes place from the beginning of July and ends until mid-September.

Siviri, Kassandra Festival
Period: July - August
Theatrical performances and concerts are given throughout the summer season at the amphitheater.
The Kassandra Festival lasts from the beginning of July until almost the end of August. It is a summer oasis for thousands of visitors who want to combine their holidays with Art and Culture.
All major events will take place at the Siviri Amphitheater, while dozens of other events happening at the same time (visual interventions, happenings, artistic events, etc.) will take place at all the local districts of the municipality of Kassandra, free of charge, for all residents and visitors of Halkidiki.

Nea Moudania, Festival of the Sea
Period: July - August

The top cultural event of the Municipality is the "FESTIVAL OF THE SEA", which monopolizes locals and visitors interest, as it is possible to watch high-level theatrical and musical performances to a space of 2000 seats, just by the sea. The east-side of the theater embraces the Kassandra Peninsula, while the vastness of the Aegean Sea unfolds in front of it. On its west-side, you may experience the unique sunset overlooking Mount Olympus. An area that rightfully holds the title of "THESSALONIKI FESTIVAL".