New Kids Pool in Athos Palace

Athos Palace Hotel is a pure family-friendly seaside resort and we can prove it. Besides the world-renowned Halkidiki beaches, one of which can be found right in front of our resort, we have now added a new swimming pool, specially designed for all our little friends out there who love summer more than anyone. And even the ones that don’t so much, we are certain that this new pool of ours will win them over. We kind of bet you to it.

Let’s break it down for you to see what we mean.

The pool consists of two parts. The first one spans 80 m², with a depth of 90 cm. As you may understand splashing in is not only a choice, but a necessity*. Our taller friends can brag how they can step into it and walk it through it, to the little ones who can join them only with air-pumped animal friends and swimming aids.

We can already see all the swimming contests happening in front of our very eyes.

Now let’s talk about the second one. We truly believe, that it should only fit in Paramount Hollywood studios, or at least this how we see it. It spans 200 m², with a depth of 30 - 45 cm. So many of our little friends can join the fun. The more the merrier, we might say. Happy kid faces are our soft spot. That is why we wanted to give them the biggest summer smile they could ever have by adding some new extra touches that make all the difference in the world. reaching a climax

And now for the grand finale; drums rolling, suspense music rising … Ba Dum Tsh!




We want all of you to be happy, meet up and be friends for life, not just for the summer. We can give you the memories to do so.