Reasons to love Halkidiki

Things to see, to do or to know in order to LOVE Halkidiki!

They say that Halkidiki is like heaven. They also say that Halkidiki is huge, you cannot see everything in a week or two. And they say that if you visit Halkidiki once, you will fall in love with it. For all these reasons, this article has collected 5 things to see, to do or to know in order to LOVE Halkidiki!

It is mentioned a lot, but if you don’t visit it by yourself, you cannot understand how outstanding it is. Mount Athos. Organise a trip or a cruise to Mount Athos and you will start get goosebumps. On the one hand, males are luckier as they are permitted to visit the monasteries there and to wander in the area. However, females can watch the view during a cruise.

To continue with must-visits, do not miss to visit Petralona Cave with its magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. The cave was discovered in 1959 and it is a gem of the archeological history. Being inside a cave is not an ordinary experience and will be thrilled, certainly.

After the sight-seeing, wander around traditional villages, like Parthenonas, Afytos and Arnea. There you can find different types of folk art and local products, you can stop in a traditional café and taste some delicious pies, a Greek coffee or a liqueur. Talk with people to listen to interesting stories of the area and let your imagination fly..

Afterwards, go find your very own private beach. Halkidiki has numerous beaches and tiny coves that will satisfy even the most demanding of you! Many, unique coasts exist empty and alone, waiting for you! It is your chance to lay under the sun carefree and swim for hours!

Make sure that before you leave Halkidiki, you will go to a small tavern next to the waves, order seafood “meze”, a glass of ouzo, tsipouro or beer and enjoy the warm weather!