10 Useful Phrases in Greek

Discover the local inside you!

Destination picked.

Hotel booked. Room selected.

Everything has been planned apart from one thing. Communication!

Fortunately, our hotels have multilingual staff who is able to communicate with you in most languages. However, it is always better when you can say these 2 or 3 Greek words, which will make people smile and try to enhance your new vocabulary.

Well, it’s time to memorize the following 10 phrases and to use them! Good luck.

1.       Kalimera (ΚΑΛΗΜΕΡΑ): Good Morning
2.       Efharisto (ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ): Thank You
3.       Parakalo (ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ): Please OR My pleasure
4.       Yia mas (ΣΤΗΝ ΥΓΕΙΑ ΜΑΣ): Cheers (toast used when drinking)
5.       Kali orexi (ΚΑΛΗ ΟΡΕΞΗ): Bon appetite
6.       Kalinihta (ΚΑΛΗΝΥΧΤΑ): Good night
7.       Pos ise? (ΠΩΣ ΕΙΣΑΙ;): How are you?
8.       Kala (ΚΑΛΑ): Good
9.       Pou einai …? (ΠΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ...): Where is the …?
10.   Sagapo (Σ ΑΓΑΠΩ): Ι love you

//special credits to the visual: "Greece travelbook" - artwork by Anna Rastorgueva //