Explore the Byzantine Towers of Halkidiki

The Byzantine side of Halkidiki through a group of buildings.

Stavronikita (in Sani Resort). It is 8 m. high and must have been built at the acropolis of ancient Sani. In 1543, the towet used to protect the “metochi” of Stavronikita Mt Athos monastery.

St Paul in Fokea and St Paul's crypt. Its height is 17 m. and it was built after 1407 with ancient blocks which probably came from Potidea. Its purpose was the protection of farmers working in the "metochi" of St Paul's Monastery.

Mariana in Olynthos (and St Nicholas church). It was built by the monks of Dochiariou Monastery in 1375 and still exists today to a height of about 15 m.

Tower of Galatista (and two watermills). It is a Byzantine structure in the center of the village, probably built in the 14th century.

Krouna in Ierissos. It is preserved almost to its full height (15 m.). The surrounding wall is a Byzantine fortification which protected the property of Chelandrariou Monastery. It is called the "Tower of Krouna" because of the many crows which had their nests there (kourouna = crow).

Prosforion in Ouranoupolis. The biggest preserved tower in Halkidiki, was built for the Monastery Vatopediou before 1344 for the protection of the "metochi" (metochi = dependant of the monastery).