Gastronomical journeys start here

We love good food and we expect that our guest love good food too. Hence, it is one of our priorities to create the best gastronomical experience for you, our guest!
Most of us can’t wait to start their day with a rich breakfast. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or a meat-eater, the choices are numerous. Special dishes and special tastes are prepared daily to satisfy all our guests.
Don’t hesitate to inform your favourite hotel about your preferences. Do you prefer regular milk, almond milk or rice milk? Bread or toastHoney or fruit jamCheese? And there are so many options of cheese, as Halkidiki has a great production of cheese. Goat cheese, “graviera” (usually a combination of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk), feta cheese, “manouri” (a semi-soft cheese, made by goat’s or sheep’s milk). So, pick your favourite ingredients and let us surprise you with different recipes, every single day! Not only at your breakfast, but at lunch or dinner too.
Take the chance to visit our restaurants (link) and select amongst fresh fish, local meat and biological vegetables, straight from our private gardens. Salads with a twist, recipes with meat of fish cooked with herbs and virgin oil, traditional pies and sauces, like “fava”, “tzatziki” or“taramosalata” are served in your table.
Accompany your meal with a drink, a glass of local wine, ouzo or tsipouro and satisfy your palate both by eating and drinking.
Bon appetite!