Explore Halkidiki during winter

Usually, when people are thinking about holidays they are thinking about summertime too. However, the winter period is an alternative option which offers a different approach of holidays. Leave the beaches and the sunbeds behind and prepare yourself to explore the inland of Halkidiki through some “winter” activities.
Additionally, winter holidays allow you to experience the authentic culture of the county in the absence of all the summer crowds. The sights are less cluttered with groups of tourists and you have the chance to find your true Greek holiday by spending more time talking to the locals about the best walking spots, best restaurants and best beaches.
Winter holidays to Halkidiki are the perfect time to try outdoor activities like hiking, walking and exploring the stunning countryside.The temperature levels are between 13C and 15C with the occasional high of 20 and you can attend pleasant outdoors activites, whilst there is still a good chance of catching a tan or relaxing on the beach. However, there are many more attractions and sights and places to take advantage of seeing in the milder weather, without being in a crowded place and in your own pace. 
Hiking is a highly recommended way to see the sights on winter holidays to Halkidiki. You can also ride your bike or your mountain bike and discover the hidden gems of the area. Afterwards, you can relax in the warm environment of a traditional tavern where you will be served hot soup, local wine and freshly baked bread.
We have to admit that sometimes winter vacations have a more “personal” character and you feel more familiar as you are interact with more locals than tourist and you experience the everyday life. So, what about your next “winter” holidays in Halkidiki?