Be festive in Halkidiki

During the summer period in Halkidiki take place various feasts and festivals. During your holidays you will have the chance to have fun and taste various traditional greek flavours in those celebration nights and days. Read about the 3 most popular feasts.
Kassandra Festival
The Festival of Kassandra is one of the most remarkable, dynamicand well known institutions ofthe whole country. It takes place every year since 1993 in the Theater of Siviri. It covers a wide area infield of Arts and Culture.
Sani Festival
It takes place every yearon the hill, around the Tower of Sani, during the summer months. It is one ofthe most popular arts festivals in Greece and is being held annually since 1982.In this festival are involved artists from around the world and its aim isto become the bridge between culture and tourism.
Olive Festival
The olive festival is organised in Olinthos in Halkidiki by the Local Council and the CulturalAssociation in the last three days of July to showcase the most important productof the region of Halkidiki. The olive!Also it aims to remind everyone the history of ancient Olynthos.The last day a music concert takes place where everyone can enjoy for free tsipouro (greek traditional alcohol drink) and olives.