Christmas in Halkidiki 2017

Fairyland in Halkidiki

Here in Halkidiki at Christmas we go all the way. Like Halkidiki wasn’t magical enough on its own, we built a special place and filled it up with Christmas magic. Actually, it wasn’t us who built it, but the Christmas fairies, so in fear of the fairy world exposure we keep it a secret. Shhh…
Let’s just say we built it, you can find it at Stratoni in Halkidiki. It is addressed for children, but the Christmas fairy dust is sprinkled to everyone and it’s so strong no one can resist.
So many magical things happening there. Go to one of the wooden little homes and write Santa Claus a letter. (P.S. We have the fastest wireless connection to the North Pole. Santa Claus is so gonna read it.), catch a train, let someone tell you a story, enjoy a music show, learn how to make Christmas candy, go ice-skating.
For the non-believers there are more magical creatures that roam around the land, like stilters, clowns and elves that will convince you otherwise.

This year, from December 24 till January 6, visit Halkidiki and make Christmas an experience and not just a holiday.